Public & Environmental Safety

Dominion Energy is committed to the health of our communities and our environment and will meet or exceed all state and federal guidelines in both the closure of our coal ash ponds and the monitoring of our coal ash landfills.

Regarding our coal ash ponds, all water will be tested and treated through a site-specific treatment process before release, and we will continue to carefully monitor groundwater after the ponds are closed.

The closings need approval from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, local jurisdictions, and other state agencies regarding:

  • land disturbance,
  • environmental controls,
  • groundwater protection, and
  • other associated parts of the project.

All closed ponds will also be subject to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation’s dam safety requirements and regular inspections from licensed engineers.

Protecting Waterways

We are committed to keeping the waterways in our communities clean. Water quality monitoring results are available on our website. Read more about our plans.

Safe Solution

We are committed to closing our ash ponds safely and have ongoing responsibility to monitor the sites. We will meet or exceed all regulations and inspections to ensure protection of human health and the environment.

We have worked with local communities and organizations, including the James River Association, which has said, "We thank Dominion (Energy) for engaging with us in a cooperative manner to address our concerns about the dewatering of Dominion (Energy)'s coal ash ponds at the Bremo Power Station. Through our agreement, Dominion (Energy) will install enhanced treatment for the wastewater that is designed to better protect all uses of the James River."

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