Lasting Power Yorktown Power Station

The station has two coal fired generating units, which are expected to cease operation by early 2019. The dry fly ash and bottom ash is loaded on trucks and hauled to the nearby Dominion Energy –owned CCR landfill. The Yorktown CCR landfill is permitted by the Virginia DEQ and is equipped with a bottom liner and leachate collection/treatment systems.

Dominion Energy permanently closed over 60% of the landfill in 2017 in preparation of the coal-fired unit retirements. The remainder of the landfill will be permanently closed after the coal-fired units are retired.


Protecting Surrounding Wildlife

We lend a hand in banding some peregrine falcon chicks that are nesting at one of our power stations.

Keeping Our Waterways Clean

Meet our power station biologists who have a passion for the outdoors and are committed to protecting the environment.


Meet Scott:
Station Senior Environmental Compliance Coordinator

As Scott Morelen what he cares about and he’ll tell you “the environment.” “No question, I’m passionate about protecting the water quality of the York River,” Morelen says.

Morelen is a 35 year employee of Dominion Energy. During his tenure with Dominion he’s worked at power stations from West Virginia to Hampton Roads, as a process and environmental chemist and in environmental compliance. Currently, Morelen is Senior Environmental Compliance Coordinator at Yorktown Power Station.

The York River flows within a few hundred yards north of Yorktown Power Station.

“Most days I spend time working to ensure the station’s canals and water treatment ponds are a good home for local and migratory waterfowl that have blessed us with their presence.”

Another significant part of Morelen’s time is spent providing guidance to the leadership at Yorktown Power Station to address emerging issues and long term planning. He also manages Yorktown’s Environmental Compliance Program.

Something you might not notice at Yorktown is a peregrine falcon nest at the station. This nest has produced 12 fledglings over the last 5 years. Morelen works with Dominion Energy’s biology group and the College of William and Mary, Center for Conservation Biology to ensure the safety of employees and birds, support the goals of the biologist and operate a power station.

Morelen began his career at Dominion Energy in 1983. He says he’s proud to work for a company that is committed to not only minimizing our impact to the environment but also committing resources to better the quality of our outdoor world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about our Coal Ash Pond Management & Closures.