Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center

Nothing is Wasted Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center

The Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center (VCHEC) is a coal-fired power station and its circulating fluidized bed (CFB) unit uses coal, waste coal and biomass for its fuel.

VCHEC’s advanced CFB technology enables the use of a mixture of fuels, which are typically locally sourced.

Fly ash and bottom ash are collected dry from the power station and moved by truck to the onsite Curley Hollow CCR landfill. The landfill has a state of the art design including a synthetic liner and leachate collection/treatment systems.


Protecting Surrounding Wildlife

We lend a hand in banding some peregrine falcon chicks that are nesting at one of our power stations.

Keeping Our Waterways Clean

Meet our power station biologists who have a passion for the outdoors and are committed to protecting the environment.


Meet Stacie:
Station Environmental Compliance Coordinator

If you can’t find Stacie Jenkins, just look outside, near the Curley Hollow landfill. She says that’s her favorite place. “It is the most beautiful place onsite and my absolute favorite place to be onsite,” Jenkins says. “I love the green, rolling slopes and extraordinary view of the surrounding southwestern Virginia mountainsides.”

Jenkins is the Environmental Compliance Coordinator at the Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center. Her job is to ensure that the power station stay in compliance with our environmental permits and regulations, including the landfill.

“For me, this means being present in all of the outdoor reaches of the station property, which totals 1,939 acres. It means observing the offloading of coal, wood, and hydrated lime. It means monitoring maintenance shops, the turbine building, the boiler building. It also means going places at the station that most do not.”

Like the landfill.

“I get to observe the landfill as it grows and changes on a weekly basis. I monitor and sample storm water discharges and wetlands progression.”

Jenkins is also a teacher of sorts and believes strongly in providing environmental awareness training to everyone who works at VCHEC.

“I hope every person that spends time here finds themselves instilled with a higher environmental consciousness than they had before they came. In the years that I have spent here, I have learned that environmental incidents usually result from lack of knowledge. I work hard to install environmental best practices in station employees by setting an example in the field and providing fun in the classroom.“

Another passion for Jenkins is spending time with her son at school.

“I love to volunteer at my son’s preschool. Children are so bright and beautiful, and it is for them that we need to protect the environment.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about our Coal Ash Pond Management & Closures.