Mt Storm

Mount Storm Power Station is located in northeastern West Virginia and has three coal-fired units.

It uses the latest technology to remove and capture fly ash and sulfur dioxide from the environment. The fly ash is handled dry in silos and transported by truck to the onsite CCR landfill. Limestone scrubbers capture approximately 95 percent of the sulfur dioxide from the boilers and generate FGD sludge as a byproduct. The FGD sludge from the station is used in the manufacturing of Portland cement when it meets end-user specifications or used in mine reclamation projects to neutralize mine acid runoff.

The Mount Storm CCR landfill is permitted under the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Solid Waste Management regulations and is equipped with liners and leachate collection/treatment systems.

The station has three CCR ponds that are used as station water treatment basins. These three ponds fully meet CCR regulation requirements.

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