Mt Storm

Substantial Power Mt Storm Power Station

Mount Storm Power Station is located in northeastern West Virginia and has three coal-fired units.

It uses the latest technology to remove and capture fly ash and sulfur dioxide from the environment. The fly ash is handled dry in silos and transported by truck to the onsite CCR landfill. Limestone scrubbers capture approximately 95 percent of the sulfur dioxide from the boilers and generate FGD sludge as a byproduct. The FGD sludge from the station is used in mine reclamation projects to neutralize mine acid runoff or is used in the manufacturing of Portland cement when it meets end-user specifications.

The Mount Storm CCR landfill is permitted under the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Solid Waste Management regulations and is equipped with synthetic liners and leachate collection/treatment systems.

The station has three CCR ponds that are used as station water treatment basins. These three ponds fully meet CCR regulation requirements.


Protecting Surrounding Wildlife

We lend a hand in banding some peregrine falcon chicks that are nesting at one of our power stations.

Keeping Our Waterways Clean

Meet our power station biologists who have a passion for the outdoors and are committed to protecting the environment.


Meet Brittany:
Station Environmental Compliance Coordinator

Brittany Piatt spends much of her work day outside, monitoring data from ponds and the lake near Mt. Storm Power Station. Piatt is the station’s Environmental Compliance Coordinator and it’s her job to make sure the station’s operations are in compliance with the many environmental permits that govern Mt. Storm’s three coal burning units.

“I am passionate about finding and maintaining a healthy balance between the natural environment and the industrial world we live in,” Piatt says. “I believe that if we can do our work while keeping that environmental forward thinking then we can accomplish so much for our communities and wildlife through service and health.”

Piatt says she’s is proud to work for a company that values protecting the environment. Dominion Energy is also a company that promotes volunteerism, something that Piatt values as well.

“Volunteering has always been a large part of my life. In the past I have been involved with the Boys and Girls Club, Autism Speaks, local animal shelters, food banks, Students for Environmental Awareness, Dominion’s Diversity and Inclusion events, church/community events and several others. I have loved all of these individually for different reasons; but, in general, I just like to give to those who are in need. I have been very fortunate to be where I am today and I just want to give back and help others in any way that I can.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about our Coal Ash Pond Management & Closures.