Our Plan

As part of a move to cleaner energy, we have closed several coal power plants or converted them to natural gas. New EPA rules released in 2015 require Dominion Energy and all energy providers nationwide to close coal ash ponds at these facilities. In addition, we are committed to adhering to all new monitoring requirements for ash ponds and landfills.

Safe Permanent Closure

We will follow the EPA’s safe, permanent closure protocol and we will meet or exceed all federal and state environment requirements by:

  • treating and testing all water stored in the ponds before release,
  • making all testing data available to the public on our website,
  • stabilizing the ash material,
  • installing a protective, multilayer impermeable cover system, sealing the ash in place, and then topped with two (2) feet of soil and grass.

Dewatering Process

Before ash ponds can be closed, the water must be treated, tested, and removed to dry the ash for grading and construction of the closure cover system. This process is called “dewatering.” We do this using a multistage process according to stringent, government-mandated standards ensuring that any release has been thoroughly treated and tested.

We’re working with several top firms that specialize in on-site wastewater treatment. Each site has been evaluated individually to select the best treatment process to protect the James and Potomac rivers and other waterways.

Process of closing coal ash ponds

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