Roanoke River Recreational Information

whitewater rafting

The Roanoke River offers a wealth of recreational opportunities, especially for whitewater enthusiasts. This section features river descriptions and documentation on previous paddling seasons; flow, release and whitewater information; boat landing details, plus guidelines for anticipating good paddling conditions at Weldon and information on advanced wave formation.

Two North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) boat landings are available for put-in and take-out. The Gaston landing (upstream) is on the north side of the river near the NC Route 48 bridge, Gaston, NC. The Weldon landing is on the south side of the Roanoke River near the US Route 301 bridge, Weldon, NC. View a list of WRC boating access sites with directions.

WARNING! Floods, unexpected generating unit starts and other events can cause water release schedules and river conditions to change with little or no notice. Paddlers should always wear a US Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device and a protective helmet designed for whitewater paddling while engaged in water-sport activities.