Lakes and Recreation

There are a variety of recreational resources located adjacent to Dominion Energy's facilities in several states that offer a multitude of adventures.

These include:

Piers and Docks

Lake Gaston and Roanoke Rapids Lake - NC

Explore recreation areas developed in accordance with Dominion Energy North Carolina's FERC Hydropower license.

Enjoy whitewater rafting

Roanoke River Recreational Information

The Roanoke River offers a wealth of recreational opportunities, especially for whitewater enthusiasts.

Lake Murray

Lake Murray & Lake Monticello, SC

Information on lake levels, dock permits, lake access, and public park hours

Saluda River

Lower Saluda River, SC

Find out about current and planned conditions on the river.

World class fishing

Bath County, VA

Dominion Energy and Allegheny Energy jointly own a public recreation area that offers camping and fishing.

enjoy lake anna

Lake Anna

One of the largest freshwater inland lakes in Virginia, it is easily accessibility from several major cities.

scuba diver

Mt. Storm Lake, WV

This 1200-acre lake is located in Grant County and is popular among fishermen, boaters and scuba divers.