Greening Our Vehicle Fleet

We are integrating more electric, hybrid, and other alternative-fuel vehicles into the Dominion Energy fleet. This Green Fleet initiative is part of our sustainability commitment to reduce our environmental footprint and invest in the technologies of tomorrow.

In addition to the fuel savings and environmental benefits, we invest in alternative vehicle technologies to:

  • Reduce work site noise
  • Decrease reliance on foreign oil
  • Provide healthier work conditions for our crews
  • Test electric vehicle performance and determine potential impact on electricity demand
  • Evaluate the latest research in emerging alternative energy sources
  • Assess commercial viability of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency tools
  • Identify green business partnership opportunities
  • Offer more green opportunities to our customers

Dominion Energy Green Fleet Overview

Dominion Green Fleet: 33% of Dominion's vehicle fleet is powered by alternative fuelsAlternative vehicle technologies make up nearly 33 percent of Dominion Energy’s on-road fleet, which totals approximately 6,000 cars and trucks. Our Green Fleet is comprised of electric, natural gas, and biodiesel vehicles.

More than 800 vehicles in our fleet are powered by B20 biodiesel fuel, and approximately 230 run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Electric technologies make up a smaller but growing portion of our fuel-diverse fleet.

The latest facts and figures on our Green Fleet portfolio are found in Dominion Energy's Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report.