Our Vision

A message from Thomas F. Farrell, II, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dominion Energy

Tom Farrell

Safety, ethical behavior, excellence and teamwork are the cornerstones of Dominion Energy’s corporate culture. Each of those values support and strengthen our commitment to environmental protection.

As one of the nation’s largest makers, movers and sellers of energy, we know we have a special responsibility to be good stewards of the ecosystems that sustain the communities we serve.

We employ environmental professionals to ensure that our operations comply fully with applicable environmental laws and regulations. These dedicated and highly skilled engineers, chemists, biologists, scientists and technicians look for cost-effective solutions to the many different environmental challenges we face.

They work day in and day out to minimize the company’s environmental footprint and maximize our efficiency in using natural resources.

Dominion Energy’s environmental commitment is multi-faceted. In addition to full compliance with the letter and spirit of the law and regulations, it includes charitable giving, volunteer community service, partnerships with environmental groups and government agencies, and capital spending to protect air and water quality, conserve resources and reduce waste from our operations, among other actions.

The following examples illustrate our involvement in areas where energy intersects the environment:

  • Dominion Energy has spent or committed to spend more than $3.7 billion since the early 2000s to safeguard public health and significantly reduce emissions from our generating stations — even as we produce more power to meet our customers’ growing energy needs. This is while we have doubled our renewable energy generation since 2007.
  • We are industry leaders in reducing carbon emissions from our generation fleet and have reduced our carbon emissions intensity by more than 39%, while increasing our generation. We are also a founding partner in EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge program, which will not only continue to reduce methane emissions from our natural gas business but also increase transparency of our voluntary reporting activities.
  • Since 2000, our signature volunteer initiative has been “Energizing Our Communities,” a companywide, employee-led effort to improve the quality and accessibility of environmental resources in the communities where we do business. From 2000-2015, about 8,000 Dominion Energy employees have participated in more than 260 projects across ten states to beautify parks, assist with erosion control, remove invasive species, clean rivers, replace osprey nesting platforms, restore greenhouses, and much more.

For more than a decade, the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation has funded a variety of initiatives to improve public spaces and preserve habitats for the benefit of nature lovers across our footprint. Since 2003, the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation has donated $26.7 million to support environmental projects.

I am proud of the strong environmental ethic we have worked hard to instill at Dominion Energy, and I’m proud of our company’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of community life through responsible environmental stewardship.

Tom Farrell

A message from Pamela F. Faggert, Chief Environmental Officer and Senior Vice President Sustainability

Pam Faggert

As chief environmental officer, it is my primary responsibility to ensure that we have programs in place to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations affecting our businesses. Dominion Energy complies with not only the letter but the spirit of the law. In many instances, we go above and beyond regulatory requirements. It's my job to see that Dominion Energy lives up to its commitment to integrate responsible environmental stewardship with the attainment of the company's business goals.

A staff of dedicated engineers, scientists and environmental specialists works closely with our various operating businesses to help them ensure that they are in full compliance with all environmental laws and regulations. We provide daily the technical expertise needed to carry out our environmental programs.

Acting responsibly toward the environment is not the exclusive domain of scientists and specialists. Far from it. Environmental awareness is the responsibility of each employee. It is embedded in our code of ethics and business conduct.

It is woven into the fabric of our culture, which stems from our history as a public service corporation. We conduct our business in a way that reflects the key principles of sustainable development: emphasizing whole systems, long-range planning, public involvement in decision making, and partnerships with civic organizations, governmental agencies and educational institutions.

Our decisions and actions are grounded in the belief that energy; the economy and the environment are highly interdependent, not irreconcilably opposed. A healthy environment supports our business mission. It's a key quality-of-life factor in the communities where our customers and employees live and work. And a healthy economy provides the resources needed to address ecological concerns. Any business that doesn't work for a healthy environment is undermining the basis for its long-term success.

Dominion Energy employees demonstrate their commitment to environmental quality every day in numerous ways. Organized volunteer projects are among the most visible. With the support of senior management and corporate funds, teams of employee volunteers have put their brains and brawn to work on scores of environmental clean-up and refurbishment projects. Some have a strictly local focus. Others are company-wide, reaching into the Northeast, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and certain western states where we do business. In all cases, our volunteer efforts have been rewarded by an outpouring of community support.

The Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation, the company's philanthropic arm, also lends financial support to projects and organizations whose purpose is to protect and improve environmental quality.

We're also not shy about letting our contractors and vendors know that we are serious about environmental stewardship. We expect them to live by the same high standards of conduct as we do if they want to work with us. That's simply the way we do business.


Pamela F. Faggert