Speakers Bureau Program

Group of Dominion employees 

If you need a guest speaker for your next meeting, Dominion Energy Virginia has an experienced group of employee volunteers who are specially trained to conduct free educational presentations in its service area. Our speakers often visit schools, community groups and civic organizations, providing Virginia audiences with valuable information on topics such as energy demand, energy conservation, basic electricity and safety.


  • Meeting the demand for electricity with new sources - The need for energy keeps growing. Learn about Dominion Energy's plans and initiatives to meet customer demand while controlling costs and minimizing impacts on the environment.
  • Energy conservation - Learn practical tips on how you can save money by saving energy, and get familiar with programs offered by Dominion Energy.
  • Safety - Electricity enriches all of our lives, but we need to understand the nature of electricity and how to respect it. Our "Safety Village" is an excellent tool to teach school children and adults how to use electricity safely.
  • Basic Electricity - Electricity is an amazing form of energy. Learn how it is generated, delivered and used.
  • Careers - With operations in many different locations, Dominion Energy needs employees with a wide variety of skills and experience, such as nuclear engineers, linemen, accountants, lawyers and information technology workers. Learn about Dominion Energy's recruiting efforts and unique job opportunities.
  • Renewable Energy - Dominion Energy has a growing portfolio of renewable energy sources that generate electricity, such as wind and solar. Learn about the growing role that renewables will play in the future.

Request a Speaker

  • Use our Speakers Bureau Request Form to request a speaker. Once your request is received, we will provide a response confirming the details of your request.
  • Make your request at least 30 days before your event date to ensure enough time to secure a speaker and plan the presentation.
  • To follow up on your request, or if your event details change, contact us by email.