A Veteran’s Journey to Dominion

Matryal GreenMeet Matryal Green, a former Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, and current Field Metering Services Operations (FMS) Supervisor at Dominion Energy Ohio in Cleveland.

Matryal's journey from the military to Dominion Energy began upon graduating from high school. After high school, he chose to enlist in the Air Force with the hopes of finding a path of development less financially burdensome than college. In the Air Force he worked as an electronics technician, and was responsible for ensuring communication capability aircraft applications.

Following his time in the Air Force, Matryal was interested in a finding a job that would offer career development opportunities, stability, and competitive pay to help provide for his family. Eventually he found an opportunity with Dominion Energy and was hired at what was then called East Ohio Gas in Cleveland.

Now, as an FMS Operations Supervisor at Dominion Energy Ohio, Matryal (on left in the photo) manages crews that serve as first responders for routine gas work and gas emergencies. His favorite part of the job is having a platform to help co-workers develop and reach their career goals—he takes pride in encouraging and watching his colleagues fulfill their aspirations.

Matryal loves working for Dominion Energy, and encourages other veterans to consider joining him. "Dominion Energy is a company that has a lot to offer as it relates to career advancement," says Matryal. "From technical skills to managerial ability, the skills you learn in the military are very important to Dominion."

In addition to the career development options at Dominion Energy, Matryal is also passionate about the educational opportunities. "The company even offers tuition reimbursement to assist with reaching your career goals which encourages personal advancement, but also helps with the financial burden." For Matryal, the tuition reimbursement program helped him to achieve a Master's Degree. He's grateful that "the attributes that facilitate success in the military also translate well at Dominion Energy."