Company signage helps rescue snowbound family

company signage in Wyoming

The Dominion Energy Wexpro natural gas wells that produce fuel for our customers served another, unexpected purpose Saturday, Jan. 19. A young family with two children had been driving through Wyoming’s remote Bridger Valley, taking in the scenery, when their pickup became stuck in a snowdrift.

It was still daytime, with the sun shining brightly; but as Kasey Werkele, director of operations – Wexpro, explained, “They were about 10 miles from the nearest highway or civilization.”

Fortunately, the young father had spotted a Wexpro well off in the distance. He left his family in the vehicle and trudged through the snow toward the well site. Once he arrived, the Dominion Energy signage provided the name of the well and the phone number for Dominion Energy’s Gas Control in Salt Lake City.

Once notified, Dominion Energy employees contacted the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office and supplied the location of the well. The authorities responded with snow-tracked Razrs and eventually an AirMed helicopter from Salt Lake City to carry the family back home, safe and sound.