Serving his country and community

Saddiq HollidayMeet Saddiq Holliday, a member of our recruiting and staffing team in Richmond. The day after 9/11, Saddiq walked into an Air Force recruiter’s office.

Why did you join the military?
After the attacks on 9/11, it was the first time in my life as a civilian that I felt I had no way to protect my family. I felt that if I was able-bodied and able to stand guard over our country, I needed to do it in some capacity.

What was your job in the Air Force?
Initially, I was a weapons systems airman on fighter aircraft. I later became a systems technician and maintained electrical and support components of the aircraft.

How did your military experience prepare you for your career at Dominion Energy?
Dominion is really good at looking at your military experience and finding the right fit for you within the organization. For me, my experience in electronics was a natural fit, and I started as a customer projects designer working on the distribution of energy to homes and businesses.

How does Dominion Energy support its veterans?
Everyone at Dominion Energy, including management, is supportive. It’s like a family here, and we have each other’s back. We cover for each other under many circumstances, including military leave. Dominion Energy does go above and beyond by covering the difference between our military pay and our Dominion Energy salary when we are called to duty. It makes a big difference knowing your family won’t take a financial hit while you’re serving your country.

What’s your current position at Dominion Energy?
I’m now a strategic staffing specialist for Human Resources. Through the Troops to Energy Jobs program, which connects our nation’s military veterans to careers in energy fields, I help service members and veterans transition their skills to the energy industry.

How many pushups can you do?
Not as many as I could in boot camp.