Dominion Energy Volunteers Help Students Make a Great Impression

VUU resume writing workshop

Most of us would agree that first impressions really do matter. Especially when you’re trying to land your first professional job or perhaps an internship that will set you on a path for success. How you present yourself and what your resume says (or doesn’t say) can make a huge difference in landing that job of your dreams.

That’s one of the valuable lessons learned this week by Virginia Union University (VUU) seniors who attended a resume-writing workshop hosted by Dominion Energy’s African American Resource Group. About 20 professionals from the company, several who are graduates of VUU, visited the school’s L. Douglas Wilder Library to share their experiences and knowledge with students.

“As a graduate of VUU, it’s a great feeling to come back and share what I’ve learned with these bright young people,” said Melvin Thomas Edison, a Gas Transportation Representative at Dominion Energy. “These types of events are crucial in providing a great foundation for future leaders.”

After a formal learning session led by Patyence Green, senior business performance analyst in Customer Account Management,  volunteers were paired with individual students to work on refining resumes and practicing that all-important “elevator speech” needed to make a great first impression.

The students warmed up quickly to their mentors, sharing their resumes and hopes for the future. Many expressed appreciation for the one-on-one tutoring and chance to build some confidence and articulate their skills.

“My biggest takeaway is that you need more than schoolwork, you need to network and make a connection with people,” said Joydan Lyons Parker, a graduating VUU senior. “Having these folks from Dominion Energy take time from their day to help means an awful lot.”

Resume writing workshop

Dominion Energy volunteers talk with VUU students

Consultation at the resume writing workshop

A Dominion Energy volunteer helps a VUU student with his resume