DENC employees show excavators the dangers of not calling 811 through mock pipeline emergency

mock pipeline emergency

Dominion Energy North Carolina employees participated in a Mock Line Strike in Oct. where a natural gas pipeline damage was simulated to illustrate the importance of calling before you dig and using industry best practices when working in close proximity to underground utility lines.

While a narrator, employee Jacob Noblit, described the events as they unfolded and shared important safety tips along the way, industry professionals demonstrated each step in the digging process using real equipment. The Mock Line Strike demonstration covered a safe digging scenario from making the one-call, line locating, proper excavation tactics, as well as an unsafe digging scenario where 811 is not called and there is a subsequent line strike, injury and emergency and news media response to the third-party damage. In both scenarios, Dominion Energy employees were the locators and responding pipeline operators.

The two-day event also included locating classes, live electric line demonstrations and a NC PipesPlus program. The NC Mock Line Strike was organized by NC811 and Entech and supported by Dominion Energy and other pipeline operators in the state.

DENC employees, Terry Hudson, Matthew McClamrock, Brian Smith, Jimmy Gray, Leo Brooks, Jacob Noblit and Persida Montanez were actors in the Mock Line Strike.