Hire a Vet

Aaron and Kelli Jo attend signing ceremony with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve at DETI headquarters in Bridgeport, W.VA.  

Aaron and Kelli Jo attend signing ceremony with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve at DETI headquarters in Bridgeport, W.VA.

A Soldier’s Path to Employment at Dominion Energy

For many returning soldiers, the road to civilian employment can be a long and winding journey. While these men and women spend months or years in a foreign land, reentry to the US workforce after a deployment can often feel just as foreign. With their peers advance in their careers, soldiers return to new workplace structures, a changing economy and new expectations for employment. Many veterans place their personal life on hold in service to country and return to find another battle waiting at home when rejoining the workplace.

At Dominion Energy, we see the value military persons bring to our organization and have committed to bridging the gap that stands between servicemen and women and a career.

Former Army National Guard Specialist Aaron Rutter reflects on his road to employment at Dominion Energy saying it was the people who encouraged him to keep trying until he was hired as a draftsperson for Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.

Aaron was raised in W.Va. and was familiar with Dominion Energy as an employer of choice. “After returning from a tour in Iraq, I began getting serious about starting my career at Dominion Energy,” he said. “I graduated with a degree in architecture and was really impressed by DETI’s Gold LEED certification recognizing its green building standards.”

But for Aaron, it was the current employees who had the biggest influence on his career choice. “My military friends, people I met at car enthusiast events, and college classmates would regularly encourage me to apply and keep applying until I found the right fit,” Aaron remembers. “That’s what led me to talk to Dominion Energy’s staffing specialist Kelli Jo McNemar who guided me through the employment process.”

Kelli Jo met Aaron while participating at an employment event with Operation Welcome Home, a non-profit dedicated to bringing employers together with veterans. Aaron was a former Armorer and Supply Specialist and a Carpenter and Masonry Specialist with the 115th Engineer Company of the West Virginia Army National Guard and was skilled in carpentry, masonry, electrical, plumbing and project management. Kelli Jo remembers meeting Aaron saying, “He was a talented and determined candidate that just needed some support fitting his skills with the right job.” She went on to send Aaron several job listings until finding the right fit for Aaron and continued to coach him throughout the process. 

As Aaron reflected on this time, he now offers encouragement to fellow veterans saying, “Apply, be persistent, and stay confident in your abilities; It will pay off in the end.” How does Aaron feel now that he is part of the Dominion Energy team? “Even just two months in, I can already see that this company backs its spoken commitment to veterans with real action.” Aaron went on to commend his new workplace saying, “There is a great spirit of comradery here with supportive and happy people. I am fortunate to have found my career and want to support other veterans so that they can too.”

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