Local Students Attend Hamilton

Students show off their Hamilton tickets

One voice has the potential to have an impact on many.

Recently, an AP Government student at Huguenot High School was inspired to bring history to life for her teacher and fellow students by coordinating a visit to see Hamilton, a musical about the life of the American Founding Father. Flory Delabarrera mailed a heartfelt letter to local businesses, influential leaders and others in the community, asking for help to give a few of her classmates this rare opportunity. “We sent that letter to so many people,” she recalled. “The tickets were so expensive; we couldn’t afford them.”

Her request was turned down by one recipient after another, and Flory was ready to give up hope, despite encouragement from her teachers. Her letter, however, had made an impact on those who had seen it. Eventually, her letter was passed along to executive leadership at Dominion Energy. The leadership team was touched by the request and her enthusiasm for history, the arts, and her community.

Dominion Energy's leaders made the decision to obtain tickets for Flory, her teacher, her classmates, and more than 100 other students in the school district, allowing them to attend as a group. Transportation and lunch were provided to ensure each student could attend. Cast members from the musical interacted with the students during the luncheon at the theater, creating a truly memorable event.

Students learn they will receive tickets to Hamilton

Students attending Hamilton

Attending Hamilton