Steward of History and the Environment

Warren Deal works to give back. “Service,” he says, comes in many forms.

After Hurricane Katrina battered the southern U.S. coast in 2005, Warren volunteered with his church in Mississippi. Assigned to go door to door to check on the elderly, his primary job was to make sure residents had enough medicine.

At one home he realized a woman just needed to talk so he stayed a little longer, “I hope that time meant as much to her as it did to me,” Warren said.

A 42-year employee with Dominion Energy Warren is a Project Manager at Chesapeake Energy Center. He works to uphold the company’s commitment to responsible, environmental stewardship by maintaining the facility and ensuring all environmental and reporting requirements are met.

His interest in history led him to volunteer as a docent at the Gloucester County Visitors Center - he enjoyed the opportunity to help promote the county and the many historical attractions in the area.

Warren also chaired a joint effort between Gloucester County and historical reenactors to plan and execute “national level” Revolutionary War reenactments. The most recent reenactment of a battle associated with the siege of Yorktown drew over 1,000 reenactors and provided educational opportunities for all ages.

Back at work, Warren is proud to work for Dominion Energy within a culture that is built on integrity and a commitment to doing the right thing, working safely and protecting the environment.

Warren also serves on the Boards of the Gloucester Community Foundation, the Rosewell Foundation, which supports the preservation and presentation of the historic ruins of an 18th century manor house in Gloucester County, and the Woodville-Rosenwald School Foundation, which maintains a historic African American school.