Small in size, Large in Achievement

Each day, Greg Searcy strives to embody Bremo Power Station’s motto, “Small in Size, Large in Achievement.” Though he’s just one individual, Greg has dedicated his career and his spare time to making a positive impact on his local community and beyond.

Over the course of his 29 years of service with Dominion Energy, Greg has held seven different jobs across three different power stations. He takes particular pride in his current role as Operations & Maintenance Manager at Bremo Power Station, working to ensure the station can produce power reliably and in a way that is safe for employees and the environment.

Prior to joining the company, Greg worked in the construction trades—removing asbestos, performing insulation work, and installing garage doors and openers. He still uses those skills to help friends and family save money whenever possible.

His knowledge of construction has taken him outside the continental United States, where he volunteered his time to support a church in Alaska. There, he assisted with building living spaces and classrooms for missionary families, relishing the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Greg also puts his experience to use for projects closer to home. He has joined groups of volunteers from Florida and Alabama and surrounding churches as they travel, often from many states away, to help build churches and activity buildings as a ministry service.  He has worked with them at his own church and another place in Virginia and traveled to a church in Illinois. Greg leads and participates in Sunday school and bible study.

Back at Bremo Power Station, Greg provides another valuable service to the community through education. He coordinates tours of Bremo Power Station for elementary and high school students, the James River Association, and other groups. Greg works tirelessly to demonstrate Dominion Energy’s commitment to being a good neighbor.