2020 Looks Bright

Dear Customer,

A year ago, I wrote to you about Dominion Energy embracing change to provide greener energy and a smarter grid in Virginia.

You’ve told us you want more clean and renewable energy, better service, and more ways to save. We spent 2019 working to deliver just that for our Virginia customers.

A transformed energy grid will not only improve your service, but will also better integrate renewable energy.
A transformed energy grid will not only improve your service, but will also better integrate renewable energy.

Clean energy will help address climate change

This year we announced the largest offshore wind project in the United States. Two wind turbines will begin generating electricity later this year off the coast of Virginia Beach. We plan to build 200 more turbines, which will power up to 650,000 homes with renewable energy.

We’re investing in electric vehicles across the Commonwealth. Transportation is the leading producer of carbon emissions and electrification can reduce its impact. We announced the largest electric school bus program in the country and will deliver the first 50 to school districts across Virginia later this year. We also proposed a pilot to create electric vehicle charging stations at multi-family communities, workplaces, and transit bus depots. Plus, we’re exploring a driverless ride-sharing program to increase electric vehicles and take cars off the road.

We have enough solar energy operating or under development in Virginia to power more than 375,000 homes. We’re exploring the development of a large-scale solar energy project at Washington Dulles International Airport. We also announced an historic agreement with the Commonwealth of Virginia on a series of solar and land-based wind projects to power state office buildings and college campuses.

We will continue to operate our zero-emissions, highly reliable nuclear plants. This year we expect to receive a renewed license for Surry Power Station and to submit an application to renew North Anna Power Station’s license. These steps ensure the largest sources of carbon-free energy in the Commonwealth will continue to operate safely and reliably past mid-century.

We’re joining forces with the nation’s largest pork producer to turn farm waste into clean energy for Virginia homes and businesses. Together with Smithfield Foods, we’re investing $500 million in waste-to-energy projects across the country, including one right here at home in Waverly, Virginia. These projects are not only producing a new source of clean energy, but they’re also providing a new revenue stream for family farmers and substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions from Virginia farms.

We plan to build enough wind turbines to power up to 650,000 homes with clean, renewable energy.
We plan to build enough wind turbines to power up to 650,000 homes with clean, renewable energy.

You deserve exceptional service
We’re transforming the energy grid to give you more reliable service. A smarter grid will reduce outages and speed restoration. It will also better integrate renewable energy and give you more tools to manage your energy use and save money.

We’re offering innovative new services. We’re looking to partner with Internet Service Providers to increase access to high-speed internet in rural parts of Virginia.

We’ve proposed battery storage projects which will help us understand the emerging technologies for energy storage. We’re developing several peaking units, which enable us to quickly fire up low-cost, low-emission natural gas when renewables alone don’t provide enough energy for our customers’ needs.

We dedicate $13 million each year to help our most vulnerable customers save money.

We’re committed to providing a great value
Energy efficiency programs help you save. We launched several new programs to help you reduce your usage and lower your bills. Our customers responded by recycling more than 1,300 older appliances and claiming rebates on more than 1.6 million energy-efficient LED lightbulbs.

Our most vulnerable customers saw even greater benefits under our EnergyShare program. We dedicate $13 million each year to the program’s bill assistance and weatherization programs for the elderly, people with disabilities, veterans, and other vulnerable customers.

You deserve continued affordable, reliable service. We are making all these improvements while remaining focused on our core mission: keeping your lights on and your rates low.

As you can tell, we have a lot planned for the coming year. I hope to be able to update you a year from now about the success of our offshore wind, solar, electric school bus, and grid transformation projects, along with many more plans to come. We couldn’t do all of this without your support and for that we are very grateful.

Wishing you all the best for the coming year,

Robert M. Blue,
Executive Vice President and Co-Chief Operating Officer, Dominion Energy Virginia