Mt. Storm Lake, WV

scuba diver

The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources (WVDNR) leases a 4.6 acre parcel of land from Dominion Energy on the lake for fishing, boat launching and parking.

The water in the Mt. Storm lake is circulated through the power station to provide cooling for the equipment, this process maintains the lake temperature around 60 degrees F. This makes the lake an attractive year-round destination for scuba divers, boaters, and anglers.

Mt. Storm Power Station in partnership with the WVDNR stock the lake with both juvenile and fingerling Striped Bass fish each year. An annual bass fishing tournament is hosted in the spring, and attracts between 80 -100 anglers of all ages.

Dominion Energy recognizes the enjoyment and adventures that Mount Storm lake offers, and has instituted guidelines/regulations to make everyone's visit as safe as possible:

Scuba and Swimming Regulations

  • Swimming and wading is prohibited by law. This will be strictly enforced both in the Boat Dock Launch and leased shoreline areas by the WVDNR. View more information on DNR regulations.
  • Scuba diving is allowed, but divers must access the scuba diving area via a launched pontoon or other suitable boat, away from the boat launch area. Diving directly from the shore is not permitted.
  • Limited parking in this area requires scuba trailers and related vehicles to be off-loaded, then relocated to another area to allow public access and parking in the immediate area. Divers must also follow appropriate state laws and safe diving protocol, using floating markers (dive flags), etc.

Prohibited Activities

No person, individual, firm, company, association, corporation, institution or group shall be allowed to use any Dominion Energy-owned properties at Mount Storm Lake or lake waters for the following uses, activities or actions:

  • Commercial purposes of any kind (including fee-based scuba instruction, sale of merchandise or food, etc.).
  • Burning of any kind, or creation of fire from any source, for the purpose of cooking or for the purpose of discarding trash, leaves or other vegetation.
  • Use of motorized land vehicles in other than areas specifically designated for such use such as paved roads, parking lots and public ramps.
  • Polluting the waters of Mount Storm Lake and adjacent Dominion Energy-owned property with hazardous liquid/material, sewage, garbage, rubbish, vegetation, debris, petroleum products, or debris of any kind.
  • Possession or use of any kind of firearm, gun, pistol, firecracker or fireworks on Dominion property or on or within the waters of the lake, excluding law enforcement personnel on duty with jurisdiction of the Mount Storm Lake area.
  • Hunting.