EnergyShare in Ohio


EnergyShare is Dominion Energy's energy assistance program of last resort for anyone who faces financial hardships from unemployment or family crisis. Last year, EnergyShare spent more than $2 million to assist customers in need.

  • EnergyShare is a heating assistance program in Ohio that pays for Dominion Energy gas bills.
  • Payments go directly to energy vendors and every cent donated goes to benefit those in need because Dominion Energy and social service agencies pay for the program's administrative expenses.
  • Funds come from tax-deductible donations from customers, stockholders, employees, EnergyShare Partners and Dominion Energy. Funds are distributed through a network of nonprofit health and human service agencies.

How to Apply

Contact your local Salvation Army.

How to Contribute

Simply add $1, $2, $6, $12, $18, or $36 to the amount due on your bill. Overpayments in these exact amounts are automatically recognized as a contribution and will be documented on your next bill. Or, mail a check for any amount (made payable to "EnergyShare") to EnergyShare, The Salvation Army, P.O. Box 5847, Cleveland, OH 44101.

Business Customers

You can be an EnergyShare Partner by contributing, by distributing information to customers and employees, and by providing other support. Contact us for information on becoming an EnergyShare Partner.

For EnergyShare Agencies Only

  • EnergyShare Database - EnergyShare agencies can authorize payments and generate reports online.
  • Agency Web Access (AWA) - EnergyShare intake agencies can access account information online to view an applicant’s account statements, bill history or scheduled orders, and make pledges.