The Future is Bright for Chesterfield County Students

green shack

Two years ago, the staff at Chesterfield County’s Career & Technical Center had a dream—to offer a cutting-edge, hands on experience in renewable energy to their students.

They reached out to Dominion Energy for help and received nearly $5,000 to purchase solar panels and materials to construct a complete solar installation on campus.

green energy shackStudents in the Electricity program built the solar installation from the ground up, a piece at a time, to power the “green energy shack,” a small building on campus that was renovated to serve as an electrical learning lab. The Shack is powered entirely by the solar panels and a battery backup system. The big benefit of the Green Shack is that it will provide students training and skills for jobs in the electricity industry.

green energyThe program has been so successful that many of the students have gained the necessary skills to take on an electrical apprenticeship through their senior year.