Student Military Veterans

Alberto Santiago

Student veterans have been a part of college campuses for more than 70 years. According to the Student Veterans of America organization, student veterans were the first large group of “non-traditional” students to arrive on college campuses. With 80 percent being older than 25, student veterans are often older than their fellow students. They also have developed skills from the military and world experiences which allow them to bring a diverse perspective to their classrooms.

During the summer, Dominion Energy has student veterans who come to work for us as part of our internship program.  Each of them brings their unique experiences and skills from their time in the military, as well as what they are learning in their field of study.

In 2015, Dominion Energy began offering the Student Veteran Service Award, a $5,000 scholarship awarded to up to five of our student veteran interns recognizing them for their service to our country and their performance during their internship.  In 2017, six interns earned the Student Veteran Service Award and the Diversity Scholarship.

Student Veteran Spotlights

Mario Feliciano

Mario FelicianoSchool: University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez

Major: Chemical Engineering

Branch of Service: U.S. Navy

Military Occupation: Nuclear Reactor Operator

Dominion Energy Location: Surry Nuclear Power Station, Virginia

Department:  Nuclear Engineering

Internship Responsibilities: Providing cyber security and instrumentation and controls design support

Coolest thing about your internship: “The coolest part about the job is without a doubt the wealth of knowledge around me. I’m surrounded by all types of engineers from different backgrounds and cultures who are always available to answer my questions.”

Luke Jarvis

Luke Jarvis School: Stark State College of Technology

Major: Industrial Engineering

Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force

Military Occupation: Aircraft Weapons Maintainer; Aerial Transport Unit

Dominion Energy Location: Youngstown Field Metering & Meter Reading, Ohio

Department: Gas Operations

Internship Responsibilities: Field Intern shadowing and learning through various job rotations in the gas operations group.

What’s the most interesting thing about yourself that most people may not know: “Clint Eastwood is my idol.”


Alberto Santiago, Jr.

Alberto SantiagoSchool: University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez

Major: Electrical Engineering

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Military Occupation: Satellite Programmer; Multichannel Radios Communications Operator / Maintainer

Dominion Energy Location: Surry Nuclear Power Station, Virginia

Department: Nuclear Engineering

Internship Responsibilities: Learn about and support new the cyber security program to be implemented and regulations, provide input and engineering support, and support other engineering projects.

Who has been your biggest influence:  “My cousin is a chemical engineer who works at North Anna.  I admire her very much.  She is one of my role models.”