Powered by Goats

Goats graze along the slopes of the hydro station

Goat power is perfect for maintaining vegetation along the slopes around the hydro station.

With six water-spun turbines generating more than 2,772,000 kilowatts of electricity at peak capacity, the Bath County facility is the largest pumped hydroelectric station in the United States. Cradled in Virginia’s Allegheny Mountains, the hydro station quietly generates enough electricity to power 750,000 homes across six states.

Cited as one of the nation’s most outstanding engineering achievements, one would think innovative technology would be used in every aspect of the facility. However, what’s used to maintain the vegetation along the slopes of the reservoirs is as primitive as it gets. A herd of privately-owned, environmentally-friendly goats roam the grassy slopes along the dam of the massive facility. Since the slopes are too steep for powered mowers, goat power is perfect for maintaining 555 acres of land.

Goats aren’t the only animal to watch over the Bath County facility. To protect the goats from predators, a goat-herding dog named Growler keeps a watchful eye while the goats are hard at work. You can learn more about the Bath County Power Station.

A herd of goats and a dog named Growler roam the grassy slopes along the hydro station.