Falcons call two Dominion Energy power stations home

Virginia currently has 31 documented pairs of nesting Peregrine falcons, and two of the pairs are making their nests, or “scrapes,” at Dominion Energy power stations.

Possum Point Power Station’s Unit 5 stack has been home to a pair of falcons for eight years. This spring, the birds have hatched three eggs. The young falcons, or eyasses, are now about 3 weeks old.

At Yorktown Power Station, a nesting pair of falcons has made its home on the Unit 3 stack. This is the third year the birds have nested at the station and the second clutch they have hatched. The two young falcons are now more than 2 weeks old.

Over the next two weeks, Bryan Watts, the director of the William & Mary Center for Conservation Biology, will visit the nests and band the young birds.

Possum Point female 
A female Peregrine falcon circles her nest at Possum Point Power Station.

 Yorktown Female
A female falcon scans the horizon at Yorktown Power Station.

Yorktown Male

This male falcon soars through the air at Dominion's Yorktown station.

Possum Point  Yorktown Brood

The young falcons in their nests at Possum Point and Yorktown Power stations.