Making an Impact: Elizabeth River Project

Since 2012, the Elizabeth River Project and the City of Portsmouth have worked together to support the educational and environmental endeavors of Paradise Creek Nature Park. Paradise Creek Nature Park is 40 acres of woods and wetlands located in an urban area of Portsmouth, Va.

With the help of Dominion Energy, Paradise Creek Nature Park is now able to raise awareness to the community by organizing ongoing public programs, while also hosting their first summer camp, Camp Place for Peace.

“The most special thing about this park, which is 40 acres of woods and wetlands in the heart of an urban area, is being able to bring children here to really find that place of peace outside of a concrete jungle,” says Marjorie Mayfield Jackson, Executive Director of the Elizabeth River Project.

The mission of Camp Place for Peace and each public program hosted by Paradise Creek Nature Park is to teach people of all ages in the community about what it takes to bring back the health of an urban river, and how important the health of the river is to the economy. Mykayla Moore, Camp Counselor at Camp Place for Peace, says the camp is “a good opportunity to get kids involved in nature and the place around [them]. We need to be involved so that we can help make it better.”