Fostering care for the environment and wildlife

Mollie Sprouse loves animals. “I am very passionate about the protection of wildlife at our power stations,” Mollie says. Mollie is an Environmental Compliance Coordinator (ECC) at Chesterfield and Bellemeade Power Station.  As an ECC, Mollie ensures Dominion’s compliance with air, water, waste and other regulatory permits.

But many don’t know Mollie’s group also monitor’s wildlife.

“We provide avian and wildlife awareness training for our employees so they know how to protect migratory birds and other wildlife. We celebrate Earth Day every year and one year I brought Eagle Pines Falcon Rescue in for an educational event for station employees.”

She’s taken her passion for the protection of animals even further.

When Mollie realized there was an abundance of feral cats near Chesterfield Power Station, she started a trap, neuter, return (TNR) program to help control the amount of kittens being born on site. Kittens born on site are adopted out by station employees and friends.

Of course, Mollie’s compassion benefits her human neighbors in the Chesterfield community in addition to its wildlife. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she volunteers as an Emergency Medical Technician for the first aid team at our Chesterfield Power Station.

Mollie embodies the team atmosphere at Dominion Energy and is quick to point out her success is the result of strong support from her supervisor Beverly Wood and her colleague Andrew DeVault.

Mollie started with Dominion in 2007 at Surry Power Station. She volunteered her time to speak about her career role with tour groups at Surry and now Chesterfield.