Making an Impact: Blue Sky Fund

This year, the Blue Sky Fund, a non-profit organization, was a recipient of one of Dominion Energy’s environmental grants. These grants are awarded to support programs that focus on environmental education and stewardship projects that preserve, improve or make nature more accessible.

The Blue Sky Fund does just that for nearly 2,000 students every month through their school-based, after school, weekend and summer programs. The Blue Sky Fund currently operates within eight Richmond Public Schools, and targets students who live in urban areas of Richmond, Va. ranging from 2nd to 5th grade. The mission of each outdoor activity and field trip is to support academic success in the environmental sciences, and build resiliency, character, leadership and collaboration skills through outdoor education.

“We want them to experience improved academic performance; so we want our lessons […] to reflect in their grades and their performance in the classroom, and we also want their appreciation for the environment to have grown,” says David Kunnen, Executive Director of The Blue Sky Fund.