Biomass Fuel


We have converted three of our existing coal-fired power stations located in Virginia to 100% renewable biomass fuel. The three facilities are the Altavista, Hopewell and Southampton power stations. They produce a total of 153-megawatts - enough electricity for approximately 38,250 homes.pittsylvania truck

The three conversion projects were selected as a reasonable and cost-effective means of addressing customers’ growing need for reliable electric service, and they are expected to provide customer savings over their 25-year lives when compared to continued operation of the units on coal.

In addition to the converted stations, we own and operate Pittsylvania Power Station, an 83-megawatt biomass facility, and the 585-megawatt Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center, which can utilize up to 20% biomass for fuel.

Biomass facilities rely partially or completely on renewable fuel for generation. In our electric utility service territory in Virginia, this fuel is primarily derived from waste wood, the smaller tree tops and branches left behind in the forests as part of the logging process for roundwood.

In addition:

  • The conversion from coal to biomass will produce renewable energy certificates that can be optimized for customer benefit. 
  • The conversion will reduce nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and mercury
  • The conversion will meet EPA’s existing or proposed regulations.
  • The conversion will promote economic development and enhance employment within Virginia - adding approximately 300 jobs for logging, chipping and hauling of the biomass fuel to the three facilities.

Long-Term Dominion Energy Forecast