Delivering Sustainable Value

Dominion Energy operates in a way that respects people, limits our impact on the natural environment, and acknowledges the earth’s changing climate. We are retooling everything we do, in every part of the company, to operate more sustainably and deliver energy more reliably than ever before. You deserve to feel good about where your energy comes from, and to know that you’re getting a good deal for your energy dollar.

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Our 10th annual Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report describes how we serve customers and communities, environmental stewardship, our culture, and our business for the future.

Better Energy, Stronger Communities

We serve many stakeholders — customers, communities, shareholders, investors and many more — all of whom have high expectations of us.
Those expectations are changing, and so are we.


We're dedicated to meeting our customers' energy needs while protecting the ecosystem and wildlife.


One of our greatest strengths is our employees who we are committed to creating safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace.


We’re moving to foster innovation, creativity and development among our people and strategies.

Customers and community

We continue to provide customers with reliable, affordable energy while giving back to the communities we serve.

Making an Impact

We engage communities around energy infrastructure and invest in community development.

Bringing the Energy

Promoting environmental education

Tech for Troops


Quick Facts


500 Rank

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$71.6 billion


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$26.6 million

Total Charitable

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$11.7 billion


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$584 million


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$2.4 million

(101,000 hours)
Volunteer service

Our People

One of our greatest strengths is the 16,000 employees who work 24/7 to provide
reliable energy to our customers, and improve the communities where they live and work.

Diane, Dominion Energy employee

"My family and I sail on the Chesapeake Bay and we know everything we’re doing to help the environment is making a difference." — Diane

Justin, Dominion Energy employee

“You get to meet different types of customers and teach them ways to save.” They truly enjoy us being there in the community.”
— Justin

Lisa, Dominion Energy employee

Some of my most memorable volunteer opportunities include the time I spent with Project Homeless Connect, where we help homeless people throughout the community.
— Lisa

2016-2017 Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report

2016-2017 Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report

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We are in a time of change, both in our businesses and the expectations of our stakeholders. A 2017 materiality analysis is helping shape our sustainability strategy by better understanding the issues important to our stakeholders. These issues drive this report's content and organization:

  • Introduction
  • Serving Customers and Communities
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Our Culture
  • Our Business for the Future