Introducing Dominion Energy

For 119 years, we have been committed to providing safe, reliable energy to communities that depend on it. To build on that legacy and to unify our company across the many states where we do business, we’re introducing the Dominion Energy brand.

We’ve been known by many names such as Virginia Power, Dominion East Ohio Gas, Hope Gas, and many more.

By updating our name to Dominion Energy, we can bring together all parts of our business under one common name and logo.

Please view the below Q&A for more information on our new name and look. View the recent news release announcing the re-branding effort.

Questions & Answers



Why did you change the name from “Dominion” to “Dominion Energy”?

This is an energy company above all else, committed to serving our customers safely and reliably. Updating our name and brand, helps us unify the brand across the country and across all of our lines of business. Additionally, independent research suggested that greater clarity would distinguish the company, especially in parts of the country where hundreds of companies have the word “Dominion” in their names.


When will I start seeing the new name and logo?

We’ll start implementing the new brand following shareholder approval at the Annual Meeting on May 10. You will begin seeing “Dominion Energy” and the new logo on company vehicles, building signs, and employee uniforms. In addition, your electric or gas bill will include the name Dominion Energy and the new logo.


What does this mean to me as a customer?

You’ll still receive the same safe, affordable, and increasingly sustainable energy service, just with a new name and look. Many customers know us as Dominion “something” now we’ll be known as Dominion Energy across all 18 states where we do business.