Community Partnership

Since 2002, the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation has provided nearly $2.5 million in grants within the state of Maryland, including more than $700,000 to Calvert County nonprofits. Dominion Energy employees have logged more than 1,800 volunteer hours in the community around Cove Point since 2005.

The Liquefaction Project Limits Local Impact

Air Quality Protected

  • Construction will not affect Cove Point Park or Calvert Cliffs State Park.
  • No additional local pipelines are needed for the project. 
  • Many existing facilities, including tanks and the pier, will be used.
  • Cove Point consists of more than 1,000 acres, most of which is under conservation easements. The additional facilities required by the project will be built entirely within the existing 130-acre terminal area already used for operations, minimizing land use and environmental impact.

Hidden Sound Barriers

  • Sound barriers hidden by existing tall trees will dampen sound coming from the facility.

Strategic Traffic Management

  • Large equipment will be moved to the construction site during the night to minimize traffic congestion.
  • To limit traffic during construction, most construction workers park offsite and are shuttled in by bus. The temporary offsite parking areas will be restored upon project completion.
  • A number of road improvements will result from the project. This includes adding a traffic signal and lane extensions at the busy intersection of Maryland 2/4 and Cove Point Road (Maryland 497), and adding or improving turning lanes at Cove Point Road and Little Cove Point Road.
  • On average the terminal will see about one ship every four days, a minimal change compared with current bay traffic.