Renewable Generation

Renewable Generation

The development of renewable energy is a priority for Dominion Energy. Our current renewable generation fleet, either under development or in operation, exceeds more than 1,900-megawatts of clean energy in nine states throughout the U.S. When fully operational, these combined resources at peak production are capable of supplying power to 475,000 typical households.

We are fuel-neutral and we don't profit based on what fuels are used to supply our customers. However, we support increasing the use of renewable technologies in order to continue to diversify our power supply system. A diversified system will ensure reasonable and stable rates for our consumers, which is one of our top priorities.

Renewable Portfolio Standards

Dominion Energy has committed to meeting the renewable portfolio goals and standards set by policymakers in Virginia and North Carolina where we collectively serve approximately 2.5 million electric utility customers. With this in mind, we have two specific and measurable goals:

  1. Achieve renewable energy goal of 15% renewable power by 2025 (Virginia)
  2. Achieve renewable energy goal of 12.5% renewable power by 2021 (North Carolina)

Dominion Energy supports these standards through the use of existing renewable resources, development of new renewable resources, and purchase of renewable energy certificates.