Powered by Natural Gas

Natural Gas Around the Clock Power

Clean, reliable natural gas is leading the way toward a cleaner energy future. It's helping the environment, making renewable energy possible, driving economic growth, and providing affordable energy.

25 Year Low
for carbon emissions in Virginia*


43% Increase
in Virginia natural gas usage from 2004 - 2014*


1.8 Million Homes
powered by Dominion Energy natural gas facilities


Essential energy, stable prices

We’ve converted four coal-fired power stations in Virginia to natural gas or biomass, helping to keep electricity prices low and stable. Once finished in late 2018, the Greensville Power Station will operate as one of the largest and most environmentally friendly facilities of its kind. It's also estimated that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will lower annual average wholesale electricity prices by $236 million per year from 2019 to 2038.


A cleaner energy source

We all want energy that makes the air cleaner. Natural gas can help shrink the carbon footprint of a typical Dominion Energy electric customer by as much as 25 percent over the next eight years. Renewable energy such as solar complemented by natural gas will ensure a transition into a lower-carbon future.


Making renewable energy possible

Power stations fueled by natural gas can run around the clock or quickly ramp up and down to fill in the gaps left by solar and wind when the sun may not be shining or the wind may not be blowing. Natural gas power stations serve as a unique and reliable backup resource.

*Between 2004 – 2014. Source: EIA

Reliable, Meet Renewable