Clean Energy

working on a solar farm

A smart grid will allow us to improve how we interconnect with new renewable energy sources like wind and solar. For our customers, that means more ways to use energy that has less impact on the environment.

Our energy future will include more renewable energy spread throughout our system. That’s why we’re transforming a power grid that was designed for one-way energy flow from large power plants to customers to one that can support a two-way flow from energy sources distributed across the grid.

A transformed grid will:

  • Better integrate renewable generation while ensuring safe and reliable service to all customers
  • Streamline the process of connecting distributed generation like solar to the grid
  • Allow us to offer customers new renewable energy options, regardless of where they live
  • Support electric vehicle adoption, access and ease of charging to help improve air quality.

We are also piloting future-facing projects like offshore wind turbines, microgrids, and battery storage to further reduce our impact on the environment.

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