Better Service


New technology being deployed across the energy grid will reduce outages, speed up restoration time, and give our customers reliable service they can count on. We are investing in thousands of smart devices on the grid that:

  • Automatically report outages when they occur
  • Prevent certain outages before they happen by identifying equipment that could be near failure
  • Isolate outages by automatically rerouting power so fewer customers are impacted
  • Allow us to quickly dispatch crews directly to the source of the outage

Customer Tools

Smart meters will let customers take control of their energy usage through new options like:

  • Timely usage insights
  • Customizable alerts for high energy usage and bills
  • Outage information so customers no longer have to notify Dominion Energy when your lights are out and alerts to give customers updates about their restoration status
  • Streamlined process for starting or stopping service

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