What’s Next: Transforming the Energy Grid

At Dominion Energy, we’re completely transforming our power grid and the way we think about energy. For our customers, a smart grid will mean fewer outages and faster restoration times, additional tools to track energy usage at your home or business, better integration of renewable energy resources and secure digital technologies to create a modern, resilient electric system.

smarter, stronger & greener
man in bucket truck restoring power

Fewer outages

We know our customers want their lights on 24/7. That’s why we’re investing in our energy grid to modernize the system, which means fewer outages and faster restorations. A modern grid can detect and prevent power outages.

men inspecting solar panels

More clean energy

A smart grid will allow us to improve how we interconnect with new renewable energy sources like wind and solar. For our customers, that means more ways to use energy that has less impact on the environment.

person reporting an outage using the phone

Helping you save

A smart grid gives customers more tools to understand their energy usage and easier ways to conserve energy.

power lines at dusk

Stronger energy grid

Making use of digital technologies will help us prevent physical and cyber-attacks on our power grid. These improvements will be a joint effort between Dominion Energy and local, state law enforcement, and federal agencies.