Groundwater Reports

Below you will find results from initial comprehensive groundwater testing conducted at all active coal ash facilities operated by Dominion Energy. This specific testing and reporting has been conducted by Dominion Energy, and utilities all across the country, in response to new regulations put forward in 2015 by the Environmental Protection Agency.

These regulations raise the bar with even more stringent requirements for monitoring conditions and testing groundwater. The results of the latest round of groundwater testing are consistent with what has been found and reported with previous testing. There are no impacts to drinking water or public safety.

America is in a period of energy transformation and transition. For over one hundred years coal was a reliable and inexpensive means by which to generate the power needed to fuel this nation’s immense and rapid economic growth. Now, Dominion Energy, and utilities nationwide, are moving to the cleaner energy sources of the future. We are proud of the progress we have made in this effort.

For example, over the last sixteen years we have reduced our carbon emissions rate by 43%. This is work that will only accelerate in the coming years.

At the same time we know we have an obligation to properly and responsibly handle the byproducts of energy generation. It is an obligation we take seriously.

We encourage all interested parties and stakeholders to read the full report. As we work to conduct a more in depth assessment of groundwater conditions we will continue to engage in thorough and scientific testing and monitoring at our facilities. And we will continue to take responsible steps to address any impacts that may have occurred.

At Dominion Energy we are committed to getting this issue right for our communities, our customers, and our environment.

Bremo Power Station

Chesterfield Power Station

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Mt. Storm Power Station

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