Coal Ash - Our Commitment to Getting it Right

We are committed to closing our ash ponds

As we shift to cleaner, less carbon-intensive electric power generating technologies, we have closed or converted several coal power stations. Coal ash ponds and landfills have been used for decades to store coal ash – a byproduct of producing electricity at coal power stations. Dominion Energy has 11 coal ash ponds at four facilities and six coal ash active landfills at five facilities.

In accordance with new EPA rules, Dominion Energy and all energy producers nationwide must close coal ash ponds on these sites. We are moving to safely and permanently close these ponds while meeting or exceeding all federal, state, and local regulations.

In April 2017 the Virginia General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1398 which required us to assess closure options for 11 ash ponds at four of our Virginia power stations.

We hired AECOM, an engineering firm with broad experience in environmental engineering, including previous assessments of ash pond closure options in other regions of the U.S. to conduct the report.

We asked them to evaluate the environmental and community impacts, safety, costs and timeline for closing the ash ponds. This included capping and closing the ponds in place, placing the coal ash in a lined landfill as well as removing and recycling it.

The study was peer reviewed by a technical expert from Old Dominion University Research Foundation.

This report will help to inform legislators, our regulators and the public on what feasible options exist to manage the storage of coal ash, the costs associated with those options and the impacts to the community that are associated with the work.

2017 Groundwater Monitoring Data

Mandy Tornabene, Vice President of Environmental Services talks about how Dominion Energy will responsibly manage the byproducts of coal powered generation.

Protecting Our Waters 2017

Pam Faggert, Chief Environmental Officer and Senior Vice President of Sustainability and Cathy Taylor, senior environmental and sustainability advisor talk about protecting the environment near our power stations.

Material Recycling

From concrete to bowling balls, we safely recycle over 700,000 tons of coal combustion byproduct material a year.

Coal Ash Pond Closure Report

Pam Faggert, Chief Environmental Officer and Josh Bennett, Vice President of Power Generation discuss takeaways from the report.

As we safely and permanently close our 11 coal ash ponds at four facilities in Virginia, we are committed to keeping the waterways in our communities clean, and no ash will be released into Virginia’s waterways at any time during the process of closing Dominion Energy’s coal ash ponds.

Process of closing coal ash ponds 

To close the coal ash ponds, we will treat and test the water before release. All testing data will be regularly updated and available to the public on our website. The closure approach is unique for each station.

For example, ash at the Possum Point Power Station has been removed from four ponds and consolidated into one pond that has a clay liner and is not in the flood plain. For ponds that continue to contain ash, we will install a protective impermeable cover over the top of the remaining ash and cover it with two (2) feet of soil and grass.

Ponds where ash has been removed will be used like any other land at a power station.